Teeth Whitening

Many people think that they have to accept yellowing teeth as a normal part of aging. Others have significantly stained teeth due to drinking coffee or soda, smoking, or taking certain types of medications. Dr. Kuipers understands that having discolored teeth can be frustrating. That is why our dental clinic is pleased to offer professional teeth whitening services. If you want to look younger and boost your confidence by having a more attractive smile, consider teeth whitening services at PURE Dental and Implant Center.


We can help people with the following issues:

  • You have permanent stains on your teeth as a side effect of using tetracycline medications
  • Your teeth are stained brown or yellow and the problem gets worse despite having an excellent oral hygiene routine
  • The enamel on some of your teeth is starting to break down
  • You received numerous fluoride treatments as a child and now have a condition known as fluorosis

At-Home and In-Office Teeth Whitening Options

We understand that every patient has different budget considerations as well as goals for cosmetic dentistry treatment. If you opt to brighten your teeth at home, we provide you with customized mouth trays after taking an impression of your upper and lower jaws. You place the bleach we provide you in each of the trays and wear them for several hours every day. Approximately 10 days later, you will notice the stains are no longer there. Although the results are not instant, they certainly are dramatic.

In-office teeth whitening offers the same results in as little as one hour. During your first visit, Dr. Kuipers takes an impression of each jaw and send them to our laboratory. A laboratory technician creates your customized mouth trays and returns them to your dentist within two weeks. Once they are ready, someone from our office will contact you to come in for a fitting and whitening session. Our dentists use carbamide peroxide to reach the deepest layers of your tooth enamel. This provides long-lasting results and a beautiful smile you will be able to flash right away.

You Don’t Have to Be a Movie Star to Want a Better Smile

In the early years of teeth whitening, only actors, actresses, and people in a prominent professional role had their teeth brightened by a dentist. Today, this service is available to anyone who wants to improve their smile. If you’re tired of holding back your smile due to embarrassment about your teeth, you will appreciate how that is no longer a concern. Results typically last for several months before the procedure must be repeated.