Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

It can be emotionally devastating to lose all of your natural teeth. You may be so distraught that you don’t know if you can ever smile again. With full mouth dental implants, you definitely can. Dr. Kuipers is prepared to install an implanted supported fixed bridge to restore your smile and return your mouth to full functionality.

The Process of Receiving an Implanted Supported Fixed Bridge

It is important to be patient and to have realistic expectations of full mouth dental implants from the start. You can expect the process to take between two and six months since your dentist will place several implants into your jaw. This time is necessary to allow the implants to bond and be strong enough to act as an anchor for your future dental bridge. The typical patient visits PURE Dental and Implant Center up to 10 times before the process is complete. We are happy to provide you with temporary dentures in the meantime.

During the second part of the procedure, Dr. Kuipers uncovers your implants and places extensions that will hold your new replacement teeth in place. Some patients may be able to get a one-step implant and skip this step. We will let you know if you qualify for the one-step process during your initial consultation. To finish the process, your dentist tightens down on your implants to secure your new teeth. This process goes fast and is not nearly as uncomfortable as you might think.

The Ideal Solution to Tooth Loss

Before you receive your dental implants and replacement teeth, Dr. Kuipers customizes them just for you. Most people prefer this option of tooth restoration because it is permanent and non-removable. You also won’t have the discomfort of wearing a hard piece of plastic across the roof of your mouth. Even when you’re missing all of your natural teeth, a fixed bridge and dental implants provide you with an attractive and natural-looking smile. You won’t be able to hold it back.

Dental implants and fixed bridges function just like natural teeth. Not only do you have restored biting power and clearer speech, this restoration option also prevents bone loss and preserves the appearance of your face. With removable dentures, your face may eventually begin sagging. You are fortunate to live in a time when you have more than one option for complete tooth restoration. Two decades ago, removable dentures were the only choice people had. We think you will agree that a fixed bridge implant offers a permanent, natural, and secure solution.